Debunking myths – Will shaving cream explode on a plane?

Will shaving cream explode on a plane? Traveling by plane often raises questions about what items can be brought on board. Among the concerns is whether shaving cream can pose a safety risk during air travel.

In this article, we will address the question of is shaving cream allowed on planes by examining various reliable sources.

will shaving cream explode on a plane

Myths about bringing shaving cream in carry

The concept of shaving cream causing explosions during flights might instill a sense of apprehension, but it is crucial to separate fact from fiction.

Contrary to popular belief, shaving cream rarely, if ever, explodes on a plane. Whether you choose aerosol or non-aerosol variants, like shaving gels, shaving cream in carry is generally considered safe for transportation.

Preparing to pack their toiletries, travelers often wonder about the rules and regulations.

Rest assured, you can bring shaving cream in your carry-on luggage without major concerns. Be it shaving foam, shaving gel, or shaving soap, as long as it adheres to the established guidelines, you can confidently include this form of shaving cream in your toiletry bag.

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Both aerosol and non-aerosol shaving cream types can be accommodated in your carry-on bags.

For those who prefer a full-size shaving cream, it can still be part of your travel essentials.

However, you should consider taking shaving cream in your checked luggage rather than your carry-on bag. This way, you can ensure a smooth shave at your destination while abiding by the safety regulations for carry-on items.

It’s essential to remember that full-size shaving cream falls under the category of liquids and gels. This means it must adhere to the total aggregate quantity allowed in your carry-on bag or toiletry bag.

Also, ensure that other liquid items like hair spray, nail polish, and all your toiletries comply with the regulations.

Baggage regulations

When you travel by air and bring shaving cream, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with the regulations and guidelines established by airlines and aviation authorities.

The transportation of shaving cream, whether it be in aerosol or shaving soap, in your carry-on luggage is subject to specific limitations regarding liquids, gels, and aerosols.

If you wish to bring a full-size shaving cream, it is advisable to pack it in your checked luggage.

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Usually, there aren’t specific limitations regarding the size of shaving cream when packing shaving cream in checked luggage. However, it is advisable to stow it in a watertight container such as a toiletry bag to prevent any potential leaks.

Safety measures for aerosol shaving cream

Aerosol shaving creams, often used for their convenience and ease of application, are widely available in the market.

While they are generally permitted on planes, there are a few safety measures to consider. The pressure inside aerosol cans can be affected by changes in altitude, but the risk of an explosion or significant pressure release is extremely low.

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Safe packing

When it comes to preparing your shaving essentials for a trip, including taking shaving cream with you, it’s important to follow certain guidelines to ensure a smooth and hassle-free experience.

Consider size limits

It’s essential to adhere to the rules and regulations set by the transportation authorities if you’re going to bring shaving cream in carry-on luggage instead of checked luggage.

Typically, you should bring shaving cream on a plane in a container that holds 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) or less.

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Select the right container

Bring shaving cream on a plane in an appropriate container that meets the size criteria mentioned above. If you already have a travel-sized shaving cream, you can skip this step.

It’s important to note that the container should be leak-proof and well-sealed to prevent any accidental spills or leaks during travel.

Organize your toiletries

Place the shaving cream container in a quart-sized, clear, zip-top bag along with your other travel-sized toiletries. This helps keep everything organized and easily accessible when going through security checkpoints.

Additionally, using a clear bag ensures transparency during the screening process, making it easier for security personnel to inspect your items.

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Strategic packing

While packing your carry-on bag, make sure to place the special leakage-proof bag containing your toiletries, including the shaving cream, in an easily accessible location within your carry-on. This way, you can quickly present it separately during the security screening process without having to dig through your bag.

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Additional considerations

It’s recommended to pack full-sized shaving cream, shaving gel, or an aerosol in a quart-size bag inside your checked luggage instead of a toiletry bag. This is because aerosol products, including shaving creams and gels, are often subject to additional restrictions due to the pressure inside the container and thus will be safer in checked baggage.

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By following these steps and guidelines, you can pack your shaving cream and other toiletries safely and conveniently in checked baggage, allowing you to enjoy a smooth shave while traveling without any complications or security concerns.

Remember to always stay informed about the latest transportation regulations to ensure a hassle-free travel experience.


In conclusion, bringing full-sized shaving cream on a plane in checked baggage is generally safe and allowed within the specified guidelines. As long as travelers adhere to the TSA’s regulations regarding container size and packaging, there is no significant risk of shaving cream exploding on a plane.

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It is essential to stay informed about the latest guidelines and any airline-specific requirements to ensure a smooth and hassle-free travel experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it safe to bring shaving cream on a plane?

A: It is considered safe to bring full-size shaving cream on a plane, as long as you follow the specific guidelines for toiletries and ensure that the containers are within the allowed size limits.

Q: How do you pack shaving cream for travel?

A: When preparing your bag, you should pack shaving cream in a small 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) container and use the quart-size bag to transport it with other travel-sized toiletries.

Q: Can you take shaving foam on a plane?

A: Yes, shaving foam is allowed on planes. Shaving foam falls under the category of toiletries and must comply with the TSA’s regulations for liquids and gels.

Q: Does shaving cream have aerosol?

A: Some shaving creams, such as aerosol shaving creams, may contain flammable propellants. However, the pressure inside these containers is regulated to ensure safety.

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