Whats the difference between beard balm and beard butter [explained]

Gone are those times when scraggly and wild beards were a common occasion. Most beards that you see nowadays are the attributes of stylish men taking proper care of themselves and their beards. The market is full of beard care products that not only nourish and moisturize your goatee or a Van Dyke, but help style it any way you prefer. Today, we’re exploring two products of beard care: beard butter and beard balm.

We’ll look at the recognizable features of each of them, giving you the essential knowledge to make an educated decision and choose the product that will work best for you.

whats the difference between beard balm and beard butter
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Beard care: plenty of options

The revival of a beard as a fashionable accessory encouraged the market to develop and produce an abundance of products that take proper care of facial hair and make it look classy. And in the vanguard of all the options are beard butter and beard balm, both gaining well-deserved recognition.

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Beard balm: care and style

We are usually prone to think that single-purpose products provide better quality as they target a single problem, and that is more effective. But not in this case.

Beard balm, being ‘two in one product, copes with two tasks as a champion.

Instead of a single goal, this one has two: to take the best care of the facial hair, make sure it is healthy and well-nourished, and help style the beard any way its owner will wish.

To do that, beard balm has all the essential and natural ingredients such as natural oils (avocado, almond, argan oil), and natural butters (normally, Shea butter, Kokum, aloe, and cocoa butter). All these natural oils (acting here as natural carrier oils) and butters are complemented with beeswax — a styling component of the beard balm.

Whereas the butters and essential oils moisturize the hair of the beard and nourish it with vitamins and microelements it needs for a healthy glow, the wax plays the role of the stylist, giving the facial hair the form its owner wants and securing a polished, sleek look even with a long full beard. The wax helps tame flyaway hairs, destroying the stereotype about unruly beards and their scruffy owners.

A fascinating thing is that despite all those natural butters and oils, to say nothing about beeswax, the application of beard balm on the beard will not make it look greasy and untidy. The beard hair will be held firmly in place without looking forced into submission.

When used regularly, beard balm secures a chic look for the beard owner even if the said owner has a long and full Viking beard.

And to top it off, the silky-smooth texture of the beard balm makes the application experience a true indulgence.

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Beard butter: gentle and efficient

Beard butter is a spa for your facial hair. Its texture is sleek and silky-soft, making the application an enjoyable experience. Add here the major components of the beard butter, namely natural butters like mango butter or even more commonly used Shea butter.

If beard balm acts as a styling agent too, the butter is a pure (and very effective) beard care product. It can, of course, tame flyaway hairs, too, but will do it more softly without a sculpturing effect secured by the beeswax in beard balm.

An ensemble of natural carrier oils is an effective moisturizer hydrating and protecting the hair follicles and securing a better healthy beard growth.

Beard butter ensures deep and thorough conditioning for the beard, and if you suffer from dry beard hair or even beard dandruff, you may want to consider using beard butter. It won’t take long before your beard gets soft and silky to the touch and you forget what beard itch is.

Besides, the skin beneath the hair that often suffers from excessive dryness loves beard butter. As it is often deprived of any moisturizer that is usually used on the face, it will be eternally grateful for the regular spa treatment that the butter provides.

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More options: beard oil and beard wax

Although beard oil and wax do not play the main roles in our article, we should still mention them, at least briefly. These products are also widely used as treatment and styling products and deserve their moment of glory.

They are mostly single-purpose products where the beard wax is used solely for styling and is responsible for creating a chic and groomed appearance for its user. As for beard oil, its main goal is to moisturize and nourish the beard. The essential oils are a treasure trove of vitamins and microelements, so beard oil helps get rid of the dry beard and secure healthy beard growth.

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Your beard is your choice

Many folks are really sensitive about their beards, and very often the choice of certain beard products is a matter of preference based on the tactile sensations, how the product feels, if it is light or heavy, or if it smells nice.

We are not encouraging you to choose butter vs beard balm.

That’s not the goal here. Giving recommendations on how to incorporate both beard butter and beard balm into your routine, that’s what we are aiming at.

So it’s not a battle balm vs beard butter.

As has been mentioned before, both products contain an abundance of the healthiest ingredients, including but not limited to essential oils and butters (like mango butter, for example, or famous Shea butter). Beard butters as well as beard balms fight dry beard hair and the dehydrated skin underneath.

They conquer beard itch and dandruff and tame flyaway hairs. However, beard butters provide deep nourishing and conditioning on a larger scale, whereas beard balms have wax among their components that helps style the beard.

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When to choose beard balm?

The lightweight non-greasy texture of the beard balm makes it ideal for the morning application. You can make it a part of the morning beard care routine.

Wash the beard in the shower. You don’t need to dry it completely, just use the towel. Squeeze a small ball of the beard balm on the palm (it’s hard to say exactly how much: what if you have a Gandalf-sized beard?) and warm it up with your hands, making the texture more pliant. Now it’s time to style.

Be the sculptor of your beard and give it the form that you feel like having that day… And you are ready to go and look gorgeous.

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When to go for beard butter?

You can have a spa treatment at any time of the day. However, we’d recommend indulging in beard butter treatment at the end of the day after a night shower. This way, you ensure night-long therapeutic care for your beard and for the skin beneath as well.

Your hair follicles embraced regularly in mango, cocoa, or Shea butter are well nourished and hydrated, which will lead to better healthy beard growth pretty quickly.

The application is similar to the one of the balm. Normally, the butter has a bit heavier texture, but it’s still quite light (depending on the product though). After warming a small blob of beard butter, breathe in its heavenly scent and massage gently in the beard, making sure you get to the skin beneath the hair, too (but don’t overdo it, you don’t want to lock the pores).

After thorough distribution of the butter, you may be proud of yourself for taking good care of your health and appearance. If you make applying beard butter an integral part of the daily (or weekly, or twice-weekly) beard care routine, the amazing results won’t keep you waiting.

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Choosing the products for your precious beard

It’s not a beard butter vs balm choice. You can use both. Tastes differ, which is especially true for something that you put on your face. Textures, aromas, even color — everything is significant. Let us recommend a couple of products that you are welcome to try, and maybe you’ll find them as good as we did.

Or go on your exciting journey of exploring the world of beard oils, balms, and butters.

Warrior’s beard butter

Oils and butters that are part of this product protect, moisturize, condition, and nourish. Black goji butter, maqui berry oil, black cumin oil, and many other natural ingredients make it a powerful moisturizer and a deep conditioner and are the reason for its divine aroma.

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Maestro’s Classic Mark of a Man beard butter

We love this one for its light-weighted and silky texture.

Maestro is a champion among moisturizers and a famous conqueror that can tame flyway hairs.

It makes you look well-groomed in no time. One more recognizable feature — it’s water-soluble.

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Scotch Porter beard balm

This balm is amazing at dealing with coarse and unruly hair. Biotin as its component helps tame the wilderness, and castor seed oil softens, grooms, and ensures deep conditioning.

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Uppercut Beard Balm

For those of you who are proud owners of a long bread, we highly recommend looking closely at this one. It’s light and will never make your beard feel greasy.

At the same time, it makes the hair look extremely soft and silky and is very pleasant to the touch.

It will tame flyway hairs like a champ.

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In conclusion

Instead of having a battle: beard butter vs beard balm, we showed you how to use both amazing beard care products to ensure a healthy and gorgeous beard. If your intention is a caveman look or a lumberjack, or… you got the idea, you can do that, too. But even in such a case, it’s not the reason to stop caring about your beard.

A beard balm vs beard butter choice is not for you if you care about your health and style. Apply a drop of balm in the morning and a small blob of butter at night. You can use beard oil, too, when you feel your beard needs something extra.

Take good care of your beard, and you’ll always look classy and chic.


What is better beard butter or balm?

Having a beard butter vs beard balm dilemma? You shouldn’t. Both products are beneficial for the beard, but their targets are a little different. Whereas beard butter ensures deep conditioning and moisturizes the hair, the balm is also used for styling.

Should I use beard balm and beard butter?

Beard butter vs beard balm shouldn’t be in opposition. They can complement each other easily. The balm is used both for moisturizing and styling the beard, and the butter is a deep conditioner for the scruff.

What goes first beard balm or butter?

The butter deeply hydrates and nourishes the beard, giving it a healthy shine, whereas the balm helps style it as well. They can be both used as part of beard care.

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