Get that glossy bald head glow: how to get a shiny bald head?

Whether you’re rocking your bald head with confidence, or you experience hair loss and you’re not quite ready to shave your head bald, having a well-groomed, shiny bald head can make all the difference. Shiny bald heads exude health, power, and assurance!

This article gives you the lowdown on all the essentials of how to get a shiny bald head. We’ll break down the importance of prepping your scalp before shaving, choosing the right products for your needs, and more.

how to get a shiny bald head

Careful hair removal

The secret of how to make a bald head glossy аis in the details. It all starts with a careful hair removal process. Whether you choose to shave with an electric razor or go to a barber, make sure you don’t rush the job — like any beauty treatment, proper preparation is key.

Dull blades can easily cause nicks and cuts, which can damage your healthy skin cells and leave your head looking patchy and uneven.

To get the best possible results, start by wetting your scalp until it is thoroughly soaked. After you’ve finished shaving, rinse off any remaining foam or residue from your scalp with warm water. To finish off, gently pat dry your scalp with a clean towel and apply some natural oil like jojoba oil or coconut oil to moisturize your newly smooth bald.

Bald head wax

The answer is yes, you can use it — and it’s a great way to get that glossy bald look. Waxing your shiny scalp is an effective way to remove any dirt and debris on the scalp that regular shampooing doesn’t remove.

To wax your head, you’ll need a few simple tools and supplies:

  • Waxing strips: to help spread the wax evenly and make sure that no area is left untouched.
  • Wax warmer: this will melt and heat the wax so it’s easy to apply and stays warm throughout the entire process.
  • Aftercare balm: this will help treat your scalp after waxing and ensure that it remains hydrated and healthy.

Almost everyone who has ever known a truly bald man has noticed that his head seems to shine as if it were waxed. By following these steps, you can achieve a healthy glow head look without having to worry about regular shaving or trimming.

how to get a shiny bald head 2

Shave regularly

If you want that head to glow, then regular maintenance is a must. That’s why it’s essential to close shave.

Not only will regular shaving help keep your natural shine, but it can also help reduce bumps and ingrown hairs so you don’t have any irritation or discomfort.

The key is being mindful when you’re shaving — make sure to use short strokes and a light touch against the grain of your stubble for the cleanest cut possible.

For the best results, find a quality sharp razor that fits comfortably in your hand, and always use a fresh blade for a smooth shave. And finally, don’t forget to apply some moisturizing oil before and after a close shave — it’ll help keep your shaved head lubricated and hydrated with moisturizing shaving gel, so those smooth balding lines stay in check.

Bald shiny heads get a lot of attention and you can use that to your advantage if taken care of properly.

Exfoliate and cleanse thoroughly

The fourth step in how to get a shiny bald head is all about exfoliation and skin cleansers. This step helps remove dead skin cells and excess oil which is key to a smooth and shiny head.

You can exfoliate and cleanse your scalp a few different ways. One method involves using a scrub or exfoliation brush in the shower to massage the scalp, followed by a gentle shampoo and conditioner combo that’s specifically formulated for balding hair.

Alternatively, you can use a cleansing oil like coconut oil or baby oil, to help remove excess oil as well as dead skin. Massage it into your scalp in circular motions, leave it on for several minutes, then rinse away with a gentle shampoo.

It’s also important to keep your entire body clean as well — not just your head — to get that healthy shine bald head. Take regular baths or showers to keep your bald head shiny.

how to get a shiny bald head 3

Moisturize daily with a light, non-greasy formula

Moisturizing your head daily is essential for keeping a smooth, shiny bald head. But, not just any moisturizer will do — you should opt for one that’s light and non-greasy, like the Exo moisturizer.

If you have a dull scalp, you need to use moisturizer to rehydrate the dry skin and promote the production of sebum.

Using a product that’s specifically made for bald heads ensures maximum hydration without clogging your pores — which can lead to dry skin irritation, greasiness, and an overall lack of shine. Plus, the exo moisturizer helps protect your scalp from the sun’s ultraviolet rays and other environmental factors like wind, cold and dry air.

For best results, use the Exo moisturizer in three easy steps:

  1. After showering or washing your head with shampoo and water, gently pat your scalp dry with a soft towel.
  2. Evenly apply the moisturizer all over your scalp (and on the sides of your head)
  3. Massage it in with your fingertips for about 30 seconds to make sure it’s fully absorbed into your skin.

These three steps help ensure that you’re properly hydrating your bald with a light yet effective formula so you can get that glossy bald glow you’ve been dreaming of!

how to get a shiny bald head 4

Use a scalp sunscreen or SPF moisturizer

No matter which head grooming method you use, it’s important to wear scalp sunscreen or SPF moisturizer when you head outdoors. Sun exposure can damage and dry out your scalp, leading to redness and painful skin conditions.

When you’re shopping for an SPF product, look for one that is oil or silicone-free. Petroleum-based products like this can clog the pores on your scalp, leading to acne and other problems.

The best option is a moisturizer that’s designed specifically for bald heads — they contain natural ingredients like aloe vera that are calming, cooling, and gentle on the dry scalp. Some even have built-in SPF protection!

how to get a shiny bald head 5

Limit sun exposure

Keeping your bald head shiny in a tip-top, glossy shape also means minimizing sun exposure. While sunshine on the scalp is incredibly invigorating, it can also be incredibly damaging to your skin and cause all different kinds of issues, including premature wrinkles and an itchy scalp.

Exposing your freshly shaved bald to the sun without using sunscreen will not only make your skin dry and dull, but it can also result in discolorization, sunburn, freckles, and even skin cancer.

That’s why it’s important to invest in a good sunscreen specifically designed for bald heads — one that has a minimum SPF of 30 and won’t clog pores or leave any white residue.

Consider laser therapy for a permanent shine

Do you want to make your bald head shine for good? Laser therapy is the way to go. Laser therapy works by killing off bacteria on your scalp that can cause inflammation, redness, and other discolorations, and it’s associated with an increase in natural oils that keep that shine coming.

You can either visit a dermatologist or you can check out some of the laser comb products available online.

Bear in mind, though, that laser treatments may not be all they’re cracked up to be – some people who’ve tried this treatment have reported unsatisfactory results. But, if you’re keen to give it a go then there are a few key points to note:

  1. It’s best to start with lower levels of power until your scalp builds up immunity
  2. It’s not advisable to do it more than once a week
  3. Make sure whatever device you use is safe and effective; the FDA recommends checking with your physician first before using any laser therapy device
  4. Use sunscreen on your scalp when you’re outdoors for long periods; laser therapy makes skin more sensitive to UV exposure
  5. Be vigilant about checking for any signs of infection or inflammation during treatment.
how to get a shiny bald head 6

Products for how to get a shiny bald head

You probably already know that you need to keep your bald head shiny. But do you know that there are special products out there specifically designed to make your bald head shine even more?

  • Hair care products

Yes, believe it or not, there is a range of hair-care products made just for the bald among us. Look for shampoos, conditioners, and scalp treatments that contain coconut oil, aloe vera, and other natural hydrating ingredients.

  • Gels and oils

Gels, pomades, and oils will help give your head a nice glossy finish while helping to protect your skin from the sun. You can also find waxes that add extra hold to keep each strand in place throughout the day. Make sure you get one designed for sensitive skin or with an SPF rating to protect against the harmful rays of the sun.

  • Finishing sprays

The final step in giving yourself a glossy bald is to use a finishing spray. This will help hold everything in place while adding extra shine — and who doesn’t want a shiny bald head? Just be sure to choose one that is lightweight so it won’t weigh down your hair or leave it feeling sticky or greasy.

By following these simple steps and using the right products, you can get that shiny bald head glow you’ve always wanted!

Eradicating acne and scalp bumps

Another way to get that glossy bald glow is to ensure any acne or scalp bumps around your head are cared for. Acne and scalp bumps can be painful and unsightly, but thankfully, they’re treatable.

  • Treating acne

Acne can be a huge bummer when you’re trying to keep your head looking neat and shiny, but luckily, some creams and lotions can help clear up acne.

  • Scalp bumps

Scalp bumps often occur due to an infected hair follicle or an allergic reaction to something like shampoo. To get rid of these pesky lumps, use an over-the-counter shampoo specifically designed for scalp bumps and itchiness.

Eradicating acne and scalp bumps is key to getting that glossy bald glow. By getting rid of the underlying source of the problem – through topical creams for acne and shampoos for scalp bumps – you’ll be on your way to having a smooth and shiny bald head in no time!

how to get a shiny bald head 7


Although bald heads may require more maintenance and attention than heads with hair, that doesn’t mean it has to be a chore. Taking the right steps will leave you with a bald head that shines with confidence.

Don’t forget to keep your scalp moisturized and protected, as this is vital for keeping those bald-head blues away. Sunscreens and moisturizers are your best friends when it comes to looking after a bald head.

Finally, make sure to keep up with your shaving routine, and don’t forget to use a good razor to avoid nicks and cuts.

By taking these five steps and following your own customized routine, you’ll have that glossy bald head glow you’re looking for. Get ready to turn heads with your bright and shiny bald head!


When it comes to bald maintenance, there are a lot of questions about what you should and shouldn’t do to get that shiny look. Here are some of the most common ones — along with the answers.

Should I use regular soap on my head?

The easy answer is no. Regular soap is too harsh for your scalp and can dry out your skin and strip it of natural oils. Instead, invest in a mild cleanser specifically designed for bald heads that won’t strip away moisture.

Is shaving cream necessary?

It isn’t necessary, but it is recommended since shaving without cream can leave skin feeling dry and irritated. Look for a good-quality, water-soluble cream that will protect your scalp from razor burn.

How often should I shave my head?

That depends on your hair growth (and how short you want it to stay). In general, once every three days should be more than enough — if you don’t want a five o’clock shadow appearing at all!

How do men get their head so shiny?

This could be caused by the sebaceous gland on our scalp. It helps maintain healthy skin by creating skin protection oils. The oils are found all over the body but secrete more oil in the heads than elsewhere.

How can I make my bald head look good?

To make your head look good, consider maintaining a clean shave, moisturizing regularly, and rocking your style with confidence.

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